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Республика Карелия

Lost in immigration. Project of «7×7» about immigrants from Karelia who live in Finland

«I could not imagine myself not talking to my daughter in mother tongue»

Once they used to live in Russia, and everything was fine: household, career, friends. But one day they decided to immigrate. This is a project of «7x7» about people who left Petrozavodsk for Finland in different periods of time and for different reasons, and how they overcome difficulties of relocation, build their lives in another country, in accordance with its rules, customs, and traditions.

Correspondents of «7×7» talked to Tatiana Kokkonen-Roivas, who married a Finn 26 years ago, to a former journalist, currently — a chef and entrepreneur Andrei Agapov, and to spouses Lyubov and Matvey Syarki who began to feel comfortable in Finland only after three years of living there. You can read their stories here.

Anna Yarovaya, Gleb Yarovoy, «7х7»

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